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My residential valuation and lending experience has afforded me a unique and analytical approach as a licensed real estate agent and broker.


Since 2007 I have negotiated many contracts for clients regarding the purchase, sale, or lease of their property.


My past and current experience as a residential lender, valuation expert, and consultant has afforded me a unique and analytical approach to the home buying process.

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Some real estate transactions can be seamless and without complication; however, those are usually the exception. The value of an experienced broker can be realized when a transaction encounters a problem.


There are many moving parts to a successful real estate transaction; accurate pricing, contract negotiation, disclosures, due diligence and inspections, financing, and title issues. An experienced broker can be able to provide the counsel necessary to avoid complications that can either delay or prevent a closing from happening.

I prefer to work with only one client regarding the home buying experience at any given time. Given how fast the current market is moving I find that working with one client at a time allows the level of attention and detail necessary to bind a contract in today’s market.


Contact me to discuss availability as well as your requirements.

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